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Written By Ahmad Nurhakim on Selasa, 12 Februari 2013 | 21.25

Custom Grub 2. Display boot loader or the often says grub at very less attractive to us and how we are to modify the Grub 2 to be more dancing. follow the instructions below Masbro ......

We go to the directory / etc / default / grub here are some pretty important explanations refer to.

This file contains some interesting options you may want to change, including the default entry is selected, the default timeout and additional options.

/ Etc / default / grub
GRUB_DEFAULT = 0 define the default entry. It counts from 0, as geeky menu. Change whatever you like. If you set an entry to GRUB_DEFAULT = saved, it will boot last selected option from the previous boot.

GRUB_TIMEOUT = "10" specifies the default timeout. Change it to whatever you want. These values ​​are very small not recommended. Set to -1 will make GRUB wait indefinitely until you manually select an entry and press Enter.

There are many other options, as you can see, I'm not going to go through all of them. It is important that you remember that they exist and where they can be found. Do not blindly make changes. Consult the official documentation and always backup files before disturbance.

One thing that may interest you is the removal of entries recovery.
Remove entries from the recovery menu

The last line in the file / etc / default / grub allows you to disable the mod recovery menu entries. Simply comment out the line and GRUB update:


Remove memtest from the menu

If you do not want to have memtest entries included, just chmod-x script 20_memtest. It will no longer be executed and will not be read into the grub.cfg file the next time you update GRUB.

sudo chmod-x 20_memtest86 +
Changing the title of the menu entries

Instead of using replacement tweaks I mentioned earlier, by default creates Linux entries and delete (chmod-ing-x) 10_linux script, you can edit the actual script to behave differently and report information in a format that is more humane.

These are some very geeky, take at look at the Ubuntu install tweaks title.
Change the theme (boot image)

You may want to use a beautiful picture at boot rather than boring blue. Do not worry, this can be easily done, by editing the script 05_debian_theme.

The first thing is to find a number of pictures you want. Note the detail image, the way you want to reach the right contrast between the entry and the background, so you can still read the menu. I will show you my own example - learn from it.

Next, you need a directory to save the image. By default, GRUB 2 take pictures of / usr / share / images / desktop-base. This could be a good location - or if you want your own, create one. For example, / usr / share / images / grub, as shown on the Ubuntu blog.

Copying your pictures there, thoughts extension. By default, GRUB 2 works. Png and. Tga files. You can also use jpg images. If you want to.

My file is located here: / usr / share / images / grub / dark.png.

Once a file has been changed, run update-grub to update the grub.cfg file. If you've done everything correctly, you should see the message Found Debian background in the terminal.

Please note that the GRUB menu will not use a background image unless it is enabled. To do that, you'll have to change the line use_bg = false in the script and change the theme to use_bg = true.

Reboot and test:

This is the result of his so .....

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